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Kominfo Designs University's National Digital Institute to Cultivate Digital Talent

The Ministry of Communication and Information has planned the development of the Yogyakarta Multimedia College (STMM) into the National Digital Institute University (IDN-U) to groom Indonesian digital talents. This was based on the recommendation of the Minister of Communication and Information, Johnny G. Plate, which had been approved by President Joko Widodo.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Dedy Permadi, stated that IDN-U is a program that aims to educate Indonesian digital talents at a higher level. According to him, the presence of IDN-U is a breath of fresh air for the education sector in Indonesia.

"The good news for Indonesia is that we will soon welcome the National Digital University Institute, this university will soon be launched in 2022, the first quarter of which will begin to open the program," he said at the Virtual Press Conference. Digital Reach Millions of Participants.

According to a spokesman for the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, IDN-U is not only opened in Yogyakarta, but also in several other cities, including Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Makassar and Manado.

"This is certainly a breath of fresh air where we have tremendous optimism, because not only non-formal training, but we also encourage formal education to prepare digital talents or skills," he explained.

IDN-U will have 4 schools led by 4 deans, namely the Digital Communication School, the Digital Business and Platform School, the Kominfo Graduate School, and the Digital Policy and Regulation School.

"I think this is the first educational institution in Indonesia that focuses on digital skills, so it will continue to be developed so that our digital talent needs can be met," he said.

Spokesman Dedy Permadi emphasized that IDN-U is the first university in Indonesia to focus on digital skills. Therefore, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics is committed to continuously developing so that the needs of digital talent can be met.

According to him, IDN-U will have 70% of educators from practitioners or experts and 30% from academics. The education format has curriculum levels from elementary, secondary and advanced levels.

"The good news for Indonesia is that we will soon welcome the National Digital University Institute, which will be present first in two cities, Jogja and Jakarta and then will be developed in 8 cities in the future," he said.

Spokesman Dedy Permadi explained, IDN-U has three programs, namely regular, non-regular and research and PPM. For regular, it includes applied undergraduate and/or undergraduate programs and applied postgraduate programs.

“For non-regular programs, there are applied undergraduate programs, applied postgraduate programs and certificate programs. While the research and PPM programs include applied research in the field of digital transformation, and community service," he explained.

According to the Spokesperson for the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, IDN-U has no age restrictions for students. One of the conditions is the standardization test for the selection of new participants.

"Human resource programs that have been launched continue to roll on, do not stop even though there is a pandemic that hit, but we must not be discouraged. We must be optimistic and take advantage of every opportunity that exists by participating in one of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics' digital HR programs," he added.