Huawei Supports ICoICT 2021 To Drive Acceleration On Post-Pandemic Recovery

Global information and communication technology (ICT) solutions provider Huawei once again shares its knowledge and expertise. This time, Huawei becomes a panelist in the event International Conference on Information and Communication Technology (ICoICT) 2021, which is held at Telkom University, a leading ICT-oriented university in Indonesia.

The ninth ICoICT, held fully online, covers the theme “Digital Innovation for Post-Pandemic Recovery” and provides an open forum for experts from research institutions, universities, government, and industries to exchange ideas on the right technology solutions in order to accelerate and optimize socioeconomic recovery from the significant impacts created by the spread of the COVID-19 virus all over the world. 

Keynote speakers include Chief of the Technology Assessment and Implementation Agency (BPPT), Dr.Ir. Hammam Riza, M.Sc., IPU; Dr. Kazem Rahimi, The University of Oxford; Dr. David Taniar, Monash University; Reza Khorshidi, D.Phil., The University of Oxford; Prof. Haryadi S. Gunawi, University of Chicago; Prof. Hadi Susanto, University of Essex; Dr. Mohamad Hardyman Barawi, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak; and Chief Digital Healthcare Officer, Bio Farma Indonesia, Soleh Ayubi, Ph.D. Taking part in a series of tutorial sessions during the conference, Chief Technology Officer, Huawei Cloud, Asia Pacific, Wu Shiwei, talked about workforce enablement in the post-pandemic new normal era with Cloud technology.

BPPT Chief Dr. Ir. Hammam Riza, M.Sc., IPU lauded the event as a strategic forum to learn from the best global best practices from ICT technology leaders including Huawei, through transfer of knowledge and technology, to find reference solutions in order to address domestic challenges 

“Digital innovation is key during this pandemic to accelerate recovery and spur growth. Innovation requires quad-helix collaboration, be it from government, industries, academics as well as community, to keep innovating in various sectors and develop innovation-driven economy. We appreciate support from leading global ICT companies, including Huawei, in innovations that provide real solutions to accelerate post-pandemic recovery for the entire ecosystem,” said Dr. Ir. Hammam. 

Similarly, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, Rector of Telkom University, said the second edition of the event during the pandemic was organized in the spirit of openness and collaboration between government, academia from renowned universities, including UGM, MMU, Oxford, Monash, Chicago, Essex and Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, along with industry, including Huawei, with focus on finding solutions related to pandemic recovery. This is in line with the university’s vision to become Indonesia’s leading research- and innovation-based university.

“Through openness and multiple-helix collaboration, we can forge ahead with our research and innovation to contribute greater values for our society. We are sure that continued support from Huawei through various programs, such as ICT Academy certified training as part of the Kampus Merdeka program, ICT Competition, Seeds for the Future as well as various cooperation initiatives, including 5G service for smart classroom, will be opening up possibilities that our contributions can go even beyond this nation to the world.”

Chief Technology Officer, Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific, Wu Shiwei, reaffirmed the company’s commitment over the past 21 years towards Indonesia by actively and consistently creating synergies with multiple stakeholders to support Indonesia’s digital transformation journey through transfer-of-knowledge and transfer-of-technology programs to help the nation answer a variety of challenges, including those that have arisen during the pandemic.

“In line with our subject matter at ICoICT 2021, Huawei believes that cloud solutions are the answer to those challenges, especially those concerning sustainable remote productivity for entire ecosystems, including human resources. During the pandemic, Huawei has contributed its Cloud-based solutions for essential sectors such as healthcare and education. In healthcare, we help accelerate COVID-19 diagnoses and improve telemedicine to limit physical interaction, while in education, we facilitate universities across Indonesia to get seamless experience in remote learning.” Wu Shiwei explained. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Warih Maharani, General Chair of the ICoICT 2021, delivered the appreciation for Huawei. 

“We highly appreciate Huawei’s continued support in the form of knowledge transfer to make this ICoICT 2021 a success. We hope that Huawei’s subject matter may inspire policymakers, industries, and entire stakeholders to develop valuable innovations for accelerating post-pandemic recovery,” said Dr. Warih.