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Vice President Supports University Innovative Research To Realize Smart City in Indonesia

As stated in the 2020-2024 Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN), digital transformation is a government priority program that is expected to support the development of smart cities to improve the quality of life of people in a sustainable manner. For this reason, the participation of academics or researchers in universities is very much needed in formulating strategic steps for developing smart cities.

“Currently, smart city has become one of the concepts used to solve various challenges facing the city. Therefore, it is the obligation of universities as one of the stakeholders to provide innovative research that provides solutions to the problems of various cities in Indonesia," said Vice President (Vice President) KH Ma'ruf Amin at the Opening of Indonesia's Digital Transformation Research event. (RTDI) and the 2021 Indonesian Smart City Rating (RKCI) through a video conference at the Vice President's Official Residence, Jalan Diponegoro Number 2, Jakarta, Monday (02/08/2021).

Furthermore, the Vice President said that this 2021 Research and Rating of Digital Transformation & Smart City Indonesia activity could be used to determine the direction and goals of city development to become a smart city that moves according to the needs of the community and existing resources.

"This activity must also be a bridge for the government to improve development and people's welfare, increase digital literacy, and independently evaluate the digital transformation process in Indonesia," explained the Vice President.

On this occasion the Vice President also appreciated the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) for having contributed to formulating various indicators and concepts of transformation in the development of smart cities to be further utilized by the city government.

“I also give my appreciation to ITB for contributing the concept of smart city development through the Garuda Smart City Framework which has provided smart city indicators and an illustration of how to transform into a smart city. I hope the city government can take advantage of this ITB research to improve its performance and be able to improve the quality of the city according to the aspirations of the community, "he hoped.

Closing his remarks, the Vice President hopes that this activity can run smoothly and successfully so that it can provide the formulation of guidelines in policy making, evaluation, and development of ideal city governance in Indonesia.

"I ask that this activity not only be a rating research, but can be a place for mutual learning to support Indonesia's development and improve the quality of life of the community in a sustainable manner," he concluded.

Previously, the Head of the Center for City Innovation and Smart Communities ITB, Suhono Supangkat, reported that RKCI is a 2-year series of activities that has been carried out since 2015 and starting this year, RTDI has been added to support overall smart city development research in Indonesia.

"In the course of our research, both through collaboration with local governments, central government, industry, both national and international levels, we have resulted in several developments and improvements, both in terms of viewing, measuring and developing smart city methods," he said.

Meanwhile, the Rector of ITB, Reini Wirahadikusumah, in her speech said that RTDI was added this year to assess the digital readiness of a city in supporting the performance of city government, therefore it can be used as an evaluation to advance their respective regions.

"RTDI and RKCI are not for assessing rankings, the goal is very fundamental (namely) ITB's support to maintain the sustainability of the development of cities in Indonesia, so hopefully the implementation of these two programs can be a joint self-evaluation," she said.

Present at this event were Minister of National Development Planning Suharso Monoarfa, Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency Laksana Tri Handoko, ITB Chancellor Reini Wirahadikusumah, Governors and Mayors in Indonesia. While attending to accompany the Vice President, the Head of the Vice President's Secretariat Mohamad Oemar and the Vice President's Special Staff Masduki Baidlowi.