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Huawei and Directorate General of Vocational Education Forge ahead on Synergy to Scale up Vocational Education Training

Huawei strengthened its support through active involvement in improving the quality of vocational education in Indonesia by means of knowledge and technology transfer activities targeting teachers and students. The affirmation of this ongoing commitment was marked by the signing of a Cooperation Agreement between Huawei and the Directorate General of Vocational Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbud Ristek) at the Huawei Supplier Convention Summit 2021.

The cooperation agreement, witnessed by CEO of Huawei Indonesia, Jacky Chen, and signed by Director General of Vocational Education as part of the Ministry of Education and Culture Research and Technology, Wikan Sakarinto and Vice President and Business Environment Subsidiary Board Director of Huawei Indonesia, Ken Qi, is a continuation of a memorandum of understanding signing between the two parties in November 2021.

Director General of Vocational Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, and Research and Education, Wikan Sakarinto, said, “We would like to convey our appreciation and gratitude to Huawei Indonesia, which has consistently supported human resources development for Indonesia’s vocational schools. We hope that this cooperation, especially in terms of the training of vocational teachers, will be realized. This will be a huge investment for our future as we are not only training the students themselves, but also raising the competencies of our educators as an important cornerstone of the bonus demography and to implement the link-and-match concept. I am certain that this program will add to Indonesia’s competitiveness with regard to producing capable, advanced talents.”

Following the agreement as a form of commitment and strategic partnership between the Directorate General of Vocational Education and Huawei Indonesia, both will collaborate to organize knowledge transfer programs as well as utilizing facilities and technology for vocational schools and polytechnics. This partnership is an extension of both parties’ previous collaboration, held since 2019 and managed to reach 502 trainees. Until the end of the year, the program will also include Training of Trainers (ToT) for wireless and microwave equipment to 140 vocational teachers, through which they are expected to pass on their knowledge to 8,400 students in the future, ensuring continuous knowledge-sharing. In addition to educators, the program is also targeting students to participate in training programs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data.

Vice President and Business Environment Subsidiary Board Director, Huawei Indonesia, Ken Qi, said, “Vocational education plays a critical role in nurturing talents in the ICT field needed by the industrial world. The demand is increasing at the same time as the acceleration of digital transformation that is taking place in Indonesia, while there is still a gap between industry needs and the quantity and quality of ICT human resources. This collaboration is a manifestation of Huawei's long-term commitment since it first operated in Indonesia more than 21 years ago in order to strengthen the competence of Indonesian ICT human resources as the main motor for the realization of Indonesia as a developed country with the world's leading digital economy power."

Ken added that through Huawei's 'I Do Contribute' commitment, which is part of the Huawei’s ICT talent development program, the company is determined to cultivate more than 100,000 capable digital talents in 5 years. To realize this mission, Huawei continues to build synergies with various stakeholders, such as the government, education, industry, and communities.

Through this collaboration, Huawei Indonesia opens up opportunities for polytechnics to participate in the Huawei ICT Academy program, as well as provide competency certification programs for teachers and students in order to raise the bar and their competitiveness as a whole.