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Telkomsel Powers Up Local MSMEs in Creative, Digital Initiatives

Telkomsel affirmed its commitment as a Digital Ecosystem Enabler by holding a Digital Creative Entrepreneurs (DCE) Virtual Exhibition. As the final part of developing the digital capacity and competence of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the DCE #UnlockingOpportunities program which has been held since November 2021. 
The DCE Virtual Exhibition is a reference for accelerating digital transformation in the MSME sector in Indonesia. The DCE Virtual Exhibition displays products from 150 MSMEs assisted by Telkomsel in the food, craft, and fashion sectors for one month at starting from March 24, 2022 to April 20, 2022.

Vice President of Corporate Communications Saki H. Bramono said, "Telkomsel understands that the growth of MSMEs in Indonesia is currently full of challenges, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

But behind this, there are good opportunities and momentum for MSMEs to #MelesatWithDigital. Through this Virtual Exhibition, visitors can see showcases of 150 DCE participants who have made digital transformations. These MSMEs assisted by Telkomsel in the food, craft, and fashion sectors have gone through various development processes in the DCE program, and are ready to be role models for how MSMEs can #UnlockingOpportunities with Telkomsel."

Through the DCE program, Telkomsel opens wider opportunities and opportunities, #UnlockingOpportunities for MSME actors to be able to increase digital capacity and capability through a series of online seminars (webinar), workshops and mentoring. This program encourages the growth of local MSMEs in the fields of food, crafts, and clothing in order to increase the competitiveness of entrepreneurs and brand owners at the national and global levels.

Telkomsel has started a series of DCE programs since November 2021 with three Entrepreneurship Class webinars which have been watched by more than 50 thousand viewers through the Maxstream and platforms. As a Talent Sourcing initiative, DCE opened registration at and recruited more than 900 potential MSME participants.

Based on an assessment of product, legal, financial, digital, and creativity aspects, DCE selected 150 MSMEs to develop with Telkomsel. After going through several capability development processes at the Intimate Session, Mentoring Session, and Workshop, Telkomsel has selected the 9 best participants to be the main showcase at the DCE Virtual Exhibition.

"We really hope that the participants will get the best benefits from the series of DCE programs. Hopefully with the DCE program, MSMEs can maintain and accelerate their business through digital, while strengthening our role in accelerating the national economic recovery," concluded Saki.

Further information about the DCE #UnlockingOpportunities and DCE Virtual Exhibition programs can be accessed via