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Grab, Emtek dan Bukalapak Continue Program to Accelerate Digitalization in Future Cities

Grab, Emtek and Bukalapak today announced a continuation of a #KotaMasaDepan digitalization acceleration program that targets Micro, Small and Middle Enterprises in small cities across Indonesia. After a successful run in Kupang and Solo, #KotaMasaDepan programs will take place in three cities: Gowa, Malang Raya and Pekan. At this stage, the accelerator program is targeting to reach over 15,000 UMKM and also focus on the efforts to digitalize traditional market merchants in addition to the training and companionship for UMKM development through digital technology.

The pandemic not only impacts the economy, but it also encourages the trend of Indonesian behavior including doing business and shopping digitally. It was also that prompted Grab, Emtek and Bukalapak to expand the reach of the #KotaMasaDepan accelerator by embracing traditional market merchants, alongside UMKM offenders in small towns of Indonesia.

The Indonesian Marketplace Association (ASPARINDO) who also collaborated with Grab to digitalize the markets has mentioned that digital adoption is necessary for traditional markets to adapt and improve services in meeting the needs of the people. Through the City of the Future, small businessmen who joined the program are expected to not only reach millions of consumers through the Grab and Bulking platform, but also gain new income opportunities by owning digital stores to keep their business going.

"Digitalization has proven to be a key key in building up UMKM's toughness as the backbone of the national economy. During the pandemic that last two years, we have witnessed how digitalization has helped the UMKM survive. The spirit of #KotaMasaDepan's program Grab shared Emtek and Bukalapak not only to push UMKM to develop their efforts and reach wider markets by utilizing digital technology along President Jokowi's target to reach 30 million UMKM into the digital ecosystem by 2024, it's also based on our belief that a great future exists in small towns. The enthusiasm that was so high from the UMKM performers in Kupang and Solo against #KotaMasaDepan aroused our optimism that it could embrace more than 15,000 UMKM and traditional market traders," revealed Neneng Goenadi, Country Managing Director grab Indonesia.

In contrast from the previous stages, this advanced #KotaMasaDepan will expand the range of digitalization acceleration for more UMKMs in Indonesia through the presence of information-rich websites as educational materials in building digital efforts on safe and trusted platforms, and also online webinar programs that more participants can follow in addition to their training and escort programs that have been run.

Not only that, the UMKM that follows this acceleration program will also be packed with self-study and flexible modules of the time. Additionally, selected UMKMs also benefited from promotional assistance in Grab and Bukalapak apps, as well as publication support from Emtek's media network. This digitalization program is expected to have a thorough impact on the economy both at regional and national levels.

"The strategic collaboration between Emtek and Grab and Bukalapak as part of Indonesia's technological enterprise ecosystem is aimed at strengthening digital infrastructure and building a more inclusive digital economy especially for UMKM in Indonesia. Emtek's media network will seek to raise awareness for UMKM offenders as well as customers on their maximum digital platform use," says Sutanto Hartono, Director Managing, Crown Eagle PT Technology, Tbk.

"In line with the Bulax's move to continue expanding solutions to our users' needs through the vertical range of businesses, we're enthusiastic about starting a further follow-up from Grab and Emtek's collaboration with a wider range to traditional market digitalization. The wider range means that we can together create a wider impact as well. This is what we hope to achieve by combining the infrastructure, networks and digital ecosystems of Grab, Emtek, and Bukalapak", said President Openlax, Teddy Oetomo.