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Investree, Vendor Referral for National Electronic Catalogue Association

In order to strengthen commitments in the empowerment of UMKM across Indonesia, on Friday, July 8, 2022, investree officially welcomes the National Electronic Catalogue Association (AKEN) as a partner that facilitates the implementation of the already won UMKM work through the Government Procurement Policy Society (LKPP)/E-Calogue digitally in order to gain per-access Capital through the Investree platform.

The strategic cooperation was inaugurated through the inauguration of Investree Cooperation and the National Electronic Catalogue Association (AKEN) held live at the Investree Office in Sudirman, Jakarta. AKEN's joining partners is expected to strengthen Investree's commitment to channeling loans to micro-profits, Small and Middle Enterprises (UMKM) to become more resilient and competitive in the global market.

Chief Sales Officer Investree, Salman Baruddin, said, "We also initiated collaboration with Kadin Semang for financing for LPSE and LKPP's tender winners. And so the AKEN collaboration is a pengukuh of Investree initiatives in expanding our range in helping UMKM and specifically UMKM that moves through LPSE/E-Catalogue platforms. It shows that unity strengthens commitments to help UMKM offenders through easy and fast digital processes and develop digital ecosystems for the future."

LKPP/E-Catalogue not only offers large industrial products and services, but also provides the same opportunity to all UMKM offenders across Indonesia to offer products and services accessible to the government. In Investree itself, from 2020 to 2022, there are 12,881 UMKMs have been registered to join the Investree platform. By mid-2022, recorded that Investree managed to funnel funds for Rp1.9 trillion to the Borrower listed in the Investree platform. That figure rose 27.12% YoY from the financing funneled by mid 2021. "So far we have about 10.5 thousand active Borrowers and have managed to channel Rp12.11 trillion loans, cumulatively since Investree first stood," More Salman.

Investree itself is through an ecosystem called "Garuda Financial" which is a link between a tender-winning company registered on government procurement portals and services and Investree as a provider of slime fintech services. Through Garuda Financial's ecosystem, Investree can seamlessly facilitate analysis processes, approvals to cashing loans to tender-winning entrepreneurs/vendors who need help financing faster and seamless.

In addition, investree is also working with several partners of ending L-ending business solutions such as electronic invoice platform or e-invoicing Billtree and alternative credit assessment platform AIForsee. By providing supply chain-based financing products from upstream to downstream, coupled with the support of business solutions from the L-ending Beyond Beyond, is expected to make UMKM more powerful and increase business efficiency. These platforms can be a solution and utilize by UMKM individuals if they want to improve their business processes more efficiently.

Investree is proud to welcome AKEN as a strategic partner in support of the ever-growing UMKM in Indonesia. AKEN itself is the National Electronic Catalogue Association, which is a vessel of communication between retailer, distributor and brand holder, who is present as a bridge to make good relations between the entrepreneurs in the Electronic Catalogue industry with partners in the industry., including between them with government (Government Procurement Policy, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Commerce, and Ministry of Communication and Information) as an institution that's paddling in terms of regulations relating to the interests of this industry.