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Pandi's .id Domain Reigns in Southeast Asia

The Indonesian Internet Domain Name Manager (Pandi) celebrates its success in using the most Indonesian country code domain (.id) in Southeast Asia as many as 534,876 as of July 31, 2021. This number has outperformed the use of the Vietnamese domain (.vn) which has always dominated.

For comparison, users of names, according to Vietnam's official website, totaled 531,672 as of July 31, 2021. The data confirms that Indonesia has now overtaken Vietnam in the use of country code domain names.

This success was also celebrated in the annual event 'Pandi Meeting 12' which was held online on Saturday (21/8) last week. The event was held with the theme 'Steps for Progress on the Resilience and Digital Presence of the Indonesian Nation'.

The success of .id to become the number one domain in Southeast Asia and the fastest growth in the world is the hard work of the Pandi family. This was achieved with all stakeholders and partners who have worked hard so that all levels of society can benefit from it.

"The number of .id domain users has actually only reached 35%, or the second position of the total number of domains in Indonesia. We also invite stakeholders to use the .id domain," said Pandi Chairman Yudho Giri Sucahyo.

In the future, he continued, his party hopes that the .id domain can be hosted in their own country. Therefore, Pandi invites all parties, from the government, the private sector, and the community in the country, to want to use the .id domain.

On the same occasion, Pandi also inaugurated the Indonesia Anti-Phishing Data Exchange and invited all levels of society in the country to fight phishing.

Yudho also emphasized the importance of fighting phishing. "Because of the increasingly massive growth of the internet, we need to increase security and resilience on the internet from more and more phishing attacks," he added.

Pandi Meeting 12

Pandi Meeting 12 is Pandi's annual event which consists of various useful programs related to the management of the .id domain. The event was attended by various internet governance stakeholders in Indonesia, namely the government, regulators, the ICT community, academics, industry, practitioners, students, and the public.

The activity will be conducted online on Saturday, August 21 and 27, 2021. On Saturday (21/8) last week, the main activities were celebrating the achievement of the .id domain as a champion in Southeast Asia and the inauguration of the Indonesia Anti-Phishing Data Exchange.

The event was attended, among others, by the Deputy of the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture, Prof. Agus Sartono and the Director General of Information Applications at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan.

In addition, there were ICANN Vice President – ​​Stakeholder Engagement and Managing Director Asia Pacific Jia-Rong Low, Deputy Director General APNIC – Asia Pacific Network Information Center Sanjaya, APTLD Board Chair Ai-Chin Lu, and Head of the Republic of Indonesia Technology Assessment and Application Agency Hammam Riza.