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Enhanced 5G Security Frameworks, Standards Critical in Anticipating New Threats in Cyber Sphere

In order to anticipate increasingly complex cyberthreats, Indonesia’s entire digital ecosystem needs to continuously scale up the security frameworks and standards of ICT usage in daily life and civil affairs.

The implementation security frameworks and standards became a central topic in the discussions reaffirmed by various speakers during the CyberHub Fest 2022, initiated by the State Cyber and Cryptography Agency (BSSN) and Indonesian Cloud Computing Association (ACCI), to materialize the collaboration fostered by the quad-helix ecosystem that includes government, communities, academia, and industry players – especially Huawei, having supported the event in two consecutive years. Its 2022 rendition presents keynote speakers including DR. IR. Ismail MT, Director General for Postal Equipment and Resources Development, Kominfo; Aloysius Cheang, Co-Chair of the 5G Security Working Group, OIC-CERT; Rahmat Novalianto, VP Network Infrastructure and Security Operation Center, Telkomsel; Soetedjo Joewono, Director of Cybersecurity and Crypto Technology Policy, BSSN, Mulyadi, Director of Postal Equipment and Informatics Standardization, Kominfo, and Satriyo Wibowo, General Secretary of the Indonesia Cyber Security Forum (ICSF).

“The approach towards national cybersecurity needs to pay attention to these three things: regulation as the umbrella overseeing all activities in the cyberspace, inherent cybersecurity design embedded within technical systems and technologies, and a culture built around positive, healthy usage of personal data through literacy programs. As a shared responsibility, all three require collaboration between stakeholders. CyberHub Fest 2022 is an important call that points all stakeholders to international standards that foster public trust in cybersecurity. The government becomes a critical piece in orchestrating these efforts through certifications and assurances to ensure that infrastructure used by the public truly is safe,” said DR. IR. Ismail MT, Director General for Post Equipment and Resources Development, Kominfo.

As Co-Chair of the 5G Security Working Group, OIC-CERT (Organization of Islamic Cooperation-Computer Emergency Response Team), Aloysius Cheang emphasized that the framework formulated by OIC-CERT could be a strong option for OIC member countries to consider, including Indonesia, especially in welcoming the era of 5G connectivity.

“The OIC-CERT 5G security framework is formulated based on the experiences, principles and shared values ​​of OIC member countries of which Indonesia is a contributing member in the 5G Security Working Group, and at a higher level, the current deputy Chair of the OIC-CERT Board. Indonesia, which has started to commercially launch 5G services, can leverage on the OIC 5G security framework in order to anticipate new potential threats and bring the maximum benefits of 5G to every level of society." said Aloysius.

OIC-CERT is an information sharing platform and cyber security capability development for OIC member countries. The 5G security framework formulated by OIC-CERT consists of a 5G risk repository, baseline technical specifications for 5G security and a cross-recognition assurance methodology that are necessary and useful tools that can be harnessed by any country to safeguard their journey to 5G.

Meanwhile, Rahmat Novalianto, VP Network Infrastructure and Security Operation Center, Telkomsel also welcomed the series of educations on globally recognized best practices, standards, and frameworks in order to support cybersecurity among Indonesian stakeholders. “Government, association, and industry players have all gained valuable lessons from CyberHub Fest 2022, and we hope that cybersecurity will continue to be improved upon in the future,” said Rahmat.

Soetedjo Joewono, Director of Cybersecurity and Crypto Technology Policy, BSSN said, “We welcome the best practices to which we can refer as we formulate cybersecurity policies and standards to support national interests and welfare. 5G security will be realized only through collaboration between government, industry, academia, and civil society – as reflected by CyberHub Fest 2022. We hope these efforts and initiatives will continue to gain traction.”

“The concepts of Security and Privacy by Design and by Default should be implemented in all stages of production: from analysis, design, development, testing, prototyping, to lifecycle management, constantly focusing on patching vulnerabilities to ensure service continuity. The ICSF supports vendors, operators, and regulators’ R&D efforts to make security their focus, as well as continuously assessing and adopting global standards and frameworks to offer trustworthy security to all,” said Satriyo Wibowo, General Secretary of the Indonesia Cyber Security Forum.