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Huawei Drives Concerted Efforts and Shared Standards to Navigate through Cybersecurity Trends, Challenges

In today's digital era, cybersecurity has become one of the most important issues in the world because of its very serious impact. Losses are estimated at US$20 billion annually by 2021, according to Cybersecurity Ventures. In fact, it is predicted that losses will swell up by 13 times to reach $265 billion in 10 years. For this reason, a real and systematic effort to build a strong cybersecurity foundation in order to create a safe, trustworthy and intelligent ecosystem to keep people connected in a smart digital world.

In order to improve digital security literacy, build collaboration between the quad-helix ecosystem which includes states, business actors, academics and communities, as well as campaigning for cyber security standards, the CyberHub Fest 2022 event was held. For the second year in a row, global ICT company Huawei is committed to providing support for this event initiated by the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (BSSN) and the Indonesian Cloud Computing Association (ACCI). Present as among the speakers at the 2-week webinar were Dono Indarto, Deputy for Cyber ​​and Encryption Strategy and Policy - BSSN, Brigadier General Dominggus Pakel, Head of Data and ICT Center – BSSN, Syarbeni, Cyber ​​Security & Privacy Protection Officer Huawei Indonesia, and Alex Budianto, Chairman of ACCI.

Syarbeni, Cyber ​​Security & Privacy Protection Officer, Huawei Indonesia, said, "Cyber ​​security challenge is complex and evolving. It demands close collaboration and intensive share of information from all parts of the ecosystem. Although cybersecurity awareness has improved, we see lack of a well-coordinated standardized approach, especially regarding governance, technical capabilities, certification and collaboration. Therefore, we need to strengthen coalitions, set common goals, share roles and responsibilities and work together to build a trusted digital environment to address the challenges in the present and future."

“Trust is the foundation for a healthy digital environment. Therefore, both belief and disbelief must be based on facts, not feelings, not speculation, and not opinions. For that, facts should be verified and verification should be based on standards,” said Syarbeni.

Highlighting the importance of shared standards, Dono Indarto, Deputy for Cyber ​​and Encyrption Strategy and Policy at BSSN said that security standards must refer to best practices that apply in the industry and are internationally recognized.

“Learning and reviewing the application of global security standards is part of BSSN's task in building a strong fortress of cyber resilience. Huawei's support for CyberHub Fest 2022, which also collaborates with national industry associations and players, is very important and useful for learning events in order to learn about various cybersecurity standards and frameworks so that they can be implemented immediately in the country," said Dono Indarto.

Meanwhile, Brigadier General Dominggus Pakel, Head of Data and ICT Center - BSSN said, "Strengthening cloud security standards is very urgent and important to do in order to strengthen cyber security and data privacy protection. Of course we need to learn from the experiences of various parties to find more effective and efficient standards and frameworks in cybersecurity operations. Therefore, the CyberHub Fest 2022 supported by Huawei is an important initiative and we certainly hope that cybersecurity levels can continue to be improved in the future."

“The increasing use of cloud computing technology must be accompanied by a higher awareness of cybersecurity, as well as knowledge of best practices to maintain cybersecurity at the organizational and individual levels. The support of Huawei and BSSN in the CyberHub Fest 2022 event signifies an increasingly close collaboration between stakeholders, including the government, associations, and industry players," concluded Alex Budiyanto, Chairman of ACCI.