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MainGames Indonesia Rolls Out MainGames Academy to Create Gaming Creators

Playing and watching video game content is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Apart from being an entertainment or hobby, nowadays video games now also offer a promising profession. This is in line with the high popularity of e-sports which is increasingly popular.

As the official partner of Facebook Gaming, MainGames, Asia's leading creator service provider (CSP), has launched a new program designed to help beginners and communities just starting out to realize their potential to become professional gaming creators.

For those who want to turn their gaming hobby into income, there are gaming creator tips that can be learned by joining MainGames Academy. MainGames Indonesia Director Edward Arifin revealed that MainGames Academy has compiled all the materials needed to start live streaming.

“In line with MainGames' mission, now everyone can stream, we present an educational program to share insights about game streaming through MainGames Academy. This program is suitable for friends who have always wanted to start but don't know how, including beginner gaming creators to increase their knowledge and experience," said Edward, Thursday (10/2).

At MainGames Academy, the community can learn for free by simply visiting the website. There are several chapters provided, starting from the basics of streaming, professional tips, as well as exposure to partner programs from Facebook Gaming.

In addition, registration for the incubation program is also open, where participants will undergo mentoring for one month. During the mentoring process, participants will receive intensive guidance from MainGames and take a series of online classes for free.

This includes exploring the world of streaming, software and hardware for streaming, techniques for generating income through streaming, building a community and how to improve content quality.

"Class sessions are made interactive with questions and answers. MainGames Academy participants will also have the opportunity to directly join the partner program of Facebook Gaming," explained Edward.

The registration for the first batch for the MainGames Academy incubation program has been open until the last on February 24, 2022.

Currently, games are not just playing, but also a means to socialize in community spaces. Based on research from Newzoo, 67% of millennials and 70% of Gen Z play and watch video game content, with the average time spent by millennial gamers per week is 6 hours and 50 minutes.

Meanwhile, the most watched game content is gameplay, comedy games, and favorite streamers. “Seeing the increasing trend of e-sports, we hope that MainGames Academy can become a platform to help more communities who want to have a career in the world of gaming. This program is one of the innovations as well as MainGames Indonesia's commitment to support the advancement of games and e-sports in the country," concluded Edward.